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About COVID-19

Since March of 2020, COVID-19 has changed our individual lives and the world as a whole. Throughout the pandemic, testing, and vaccinations have been vital tools in the fight against the disease. We are proud to offer both of these interventions to help keep you and your family safe. COVID-19 tests can help you stop the spread quickly if you test positive, or go to work if you test negative. The tests are simple and pain-free.
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COVID Vaccinations in Texas

The vaccines are a great way to lower your chances of catching COVID-19 and minimize your symptoms if you do catch the virus. The vaccines that we have in stock change due to availability. We will update our policies if new boosters or vaccines for children under 5 years old are approved. If you're looking for COVID-19 vaccines around San Antonio or Frisco, visit one of our locations today!
What to Watch For

Mild COVID Symptoms

The symptoms of COVID-19 are slightly different depending on which variant someone contracts and if they have been vaccinated. In general, the signs of a mild case of COVID-19 include the following.

Chills or Fever

Sweating, muscle pain, headaches, and chills


A typical, frequent cough, especially a dry cough

Shortness of Breath

A sensation of tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing, or a feeling of suffocation

Nausea or Vomiting

Upset or uneasy feeling in your stomach and/or vomiting


Watery, loose, or more frequent bowel movements

Runny Nose

Excess discharge of mucus from the nose

Loss of Taste or Smell

A sudden loss of your taste or smell, to varying degrees

Muscle and Body Aches

Pain, soreness, or aches in your muscles or general body aches

Seek Emergency Care For These Symptoms

Severe COVID Symptoms

Although mild COVID symptoms can mimic other illnesses, a severe case of COVID has much different symptoms.

Difficulty Breathing

Trouble breathing regularly or taking full breaths

Pale or blue-colored lips and skin

A noticeable discoloration on the skin and lips, generally a pale or blue-colored tint


A sudden onset of confusion or inability to focus

Pain or Pressure in the Chest

Noticeable, persistent pain or feelings of pressure in your chest

Trouble Staying Awake

Difficulty staying awake during normal waking hours

Worsening Symptoms

Symptoms such as a cough or shortness of breath getting progressively worse

How We Can Help

Testing & Treatment for COVID-19

From antigen testing to vaccinations, there are a few ways in which we will test for, and treat, COVID-19.

Rapid Tests

PCR Tests

Antigen Testing


About Your Visit

What to Expect At Your Appointment

For COVID-19 vaccines, fill out this online questionnaire to ensure you’re eligible for the vaccine. Then, follow all instructions we send. For COVID-19 tests, contact your closest Center for Advanced Wellness to schedule a time. Protocols may change, so be sure to follow the instructions given to you about your test. Thank you for your patience. We know that information about COVID-19 can be confusing, especially since the science can change so quickly. If you want to talk to a provider about your options, schedule a primary care appointment with us.
Answers to Your Questions

Questions About COVID-19

Wondering about COVID symptoms, COVID vaccines, or testing options? We have you covered.

Do I need insurance for COVID-19 testing or vaccinations?

Absolutely not. If you have insurance, your cost will depend on your coverage. If you don’t have insurance or your deductible is simply too high, consider our membership plans. Options start at $50 per month for adults and bring your copays at our clinic to just $10.

How long do COVID test results take?

Delivery of results will vary depending on which COVID-19 test the client takes. A PCR test will be delivered from the lab via email within 72 business hours of the test being administered. Results for a rapid Antigen and Antibody test COVID-19 will be available within 20 minutes and will be given to client before leaving.

Can a mild COVID case turn into a severe case?

Yes. As time goes on, symptoms can get worse or more severe, resulting in a need for emergency medical attention.

What is natural immunity?

Natural immunity is the antibody protection your body naturally provides after being infected by a germ or virus. This offers innate protection, but this wanes over time.

If I've has COVID, should I get vaccinated?

Absolutely. Although natural immunity offers some protection, having both that and a regiment of the vaccine provides even more protection.

Can you get COVID twice?

As new variants emerge, the chance for reinfection becomes more possible. Although an overall rare occurrence, COVID reinfection can happen.

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