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About Genetic Screenings

Genetic science has made a lot of progress in the past few decades. Only a few years ago, genetic testing became commercially available, and the results didn’t give us a whole lot of data. Now, it seems like every few weeks we find out more. Best of all, this information has translated into Americans having easy access to genetic screening. Genetic screening can give you incredible insight into your health. Providers and patients use these tests for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most valuable is to assess a person’s risk of hereditary and genetic diseases.
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What Can Be Discovered

Before deciding if genetic screening is right for you, it’s important to understand what exactly the tests can tell you. First, take a look at the difference between genetic and hereditary diseases:

Hereditary Disease

A hereditary disease is any disorder that can be passed down from a parent to their biological children.

Genetic Disease

These diseases occur after one or more mutations of one or more genes. Some genetic diseases are hereditary, meaning the mutated gene was inherited from a parent. But other mutations happen after exposure to certain viruses, chemicals, or radiation.

Getting the Proper Care

Types Of Genetic Screenings We Offer

Genetic screening tests can give you an insight into your health like nothing else. Labs can use a sample of your blood or saliva to diagnose your current medical problems or even predict what could happen in your future. Below are some of the types of genetic screenings available.

Diagnostic Genetic Screening

Predictive Genetic Screening

Carrier Genetic Screening

Prenatal Genetic Screening

Newborn Genetic Screening

Preparing for Treatment

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Getting insights into your health has never been so simple. If you want or need genetic testing, follow these steps: First, contact your closest Center For Advanced Wellness, book, and confirm your appointment. Please arrive 15 minutes early as you might be asked to fill out some paperwork during the check-in process. You are now ready for your quick test!
Answering Your Questions

Genetic Screening FAQs

We are here to answer any genetic screening questions you may have

Do I need insurance for genetic testing?

These screenings do not require insurance, but be prepared to pay anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to have a screening done.

How much do genetic screenings cost?

At the Center for Advanced Wellness, we do offer memberships but these screenings are completed by an external lab. We do pass on our lab cost to you with no additional upcharge.

How to prepare for a genetic screening?

Make sure to write down any questions you have, gather your family's medical history information, and consider bringing a support person with you.

How accurate is genetic testing?

A genetic test's accuracy varies depending on the condition being tested for and whether the gene mutation has already been identified in a family member.

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