Prevent or Treat Disease With One Jab

Individual Injections

Delivering Treatment

About Individual Injections

Injections, most commonly called “shots,” can be used to deliver treatment or preventative medication. A medical professional, typically a nurse, uses a needle and syringe to get to the appropriate area of the body and quickly deliver the medication. Medical professionals classify injections based on where in the body the medicine goes. You can also classify injections by what type of medicine they deliver.
Getting The Right Treatment

Indications for Individual Injections

If you need to get or stay up-to-date on any of your vaccinations, our injection service may be right for you. We can also administer medications that you know you need and for which you have a prescription.

Preventative Medicine

An injection to prevent diseases, for example: vaccines.

Disease Treatment

An injection to treat infectious diseases

Allergy Testing

At our allergy testing appointments, a nurse administers small ID injections with varying allergens.

Disorders & Illnesses

A qualified medical professional will determine what kinds of injections are safe and effective for you.


Vaccines to protect your children from infectious or serious diseases, and also prevents the disease from spreading to others.

Immunization for Traveling

You are planning to go outside the country and need certain vaccinations.

How We Care For You

Testing & Treatment

People need injections for many different reasons and in various medical settings. At the Center for Advanced Wellness, we offer many types of injections, including:

COVID-19 Vaccines

Flu and Other Routine Vaccines

B-12 Injections

Childhood Immunizations

Steroid Injection

Preparing for Treatment

What to Expect at Your Appointment

If you need an injection, we are happy to help. Just contact your nearest Center for Advanced Wellness Location and confirm your appointment time. You can check-in via text or the patient portal. Make sure you arrive 15 minutes early in case of any paperwork needs or other information needed. After that, you are ready to get your injection!
Answering Your Questions

Individual Injections FAQ

Have questions regarding individual injections? We have the answers!

Do I need insurance to get an injection?

You do not need insurance for an appointment at our clinics, including injection appointments. If you wish, you can become a member for as low as $50 per month for adults and $30 per month for children. This membership brings your copay for injections down to just $10 per visit.

Why are vaccinations important?

Vaccines boost the immune system, and can help protect you and your children from serious diseases.

What are the side effects of receiving a vaccine?

Vaccines are very safe and there is very little risk of a serious adverse reactions. You may experience a sore arm or fever for a few days to a couple weeks.

What immunizations do I need if traveling?

This depends on where you plan to travel to, your current health state, and which vaccinations you've already received. Discuss with our team to determine which vaccines you need.

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