More Than Just a Runny Nose

Sinus Infections

The Basics

About Sinus Infections

The sinuses are four cavities in the nasal passages. There are two on the sides of the nose, called the maxillary sinuses, and two between the eyebrows, called the frontal sinuses. When you’re healthy, these sinuses secrete thin mucus that helps keep the nasal passageways clear from harmful material. However, seasonal allergies, colds, and viruses can keep the sinuses from doing their jobs. Sometimes, the sinuses become inflamed, blocked, and full of fluid. This is a sinus infection, which is also called “sinusitis.”
A Quick Reference

What Causes Sinus Infections?

Sinus infections can have several causes, including bacterial or viral. Sinusitis can last for as long as the cause or continue after the original problem is resolved. Chronic sinus infections last as long as eight weeks and can be truly disruptive to your life. Sometimes, sinusitis resolves on its own as your body heals. However, it can require treatment. Seeing a medical provider can help you get the relief you need.
What to Watch For

Signs and Symptoms of Sinus Infections

Most commonly, people with sinusitis report feeling “stuffed up.” It can be hard to breathe through the nose, even if your nostrils appear to be clear. There are other key symptoms, but these are sometimes signs of the illness that caused the infection. It can be difficult to distinguish between sinus infections symptoms and signs of the flu or common cold, so it's important to ask a medical provider.

Runny Nose

Although common, a runny nose can be a sign of an underlying sinus infection

Pain or Pressure in the Sinuses

Feelings of pain, discomfort, or pressure in your sinus


Typical feelings associated with common headaches

Post-Nasal Drip

The sensation of excess mucus running down the back of your throat

Rough / Sore Throat

Sore, scratchy, or rough-feeling throat


General cough

How We Can Help

Testing & Treatment for Sinus Infections

Your provider will first ask you about your symptoms and how long it has been going on. They will then complete a physical exam. During this exam, they will likely use specialized tools to look in your throat, nose, and ears. This procedure helps them understand what may be causing your symptoms.

Physical Exam

Test for Common Illnesses


At-Home Remedies

About Your Visit

What to Expect At Your Appointment

Sinus infections can be painful and disruptive. It can even be difficult to sleep. Don’t wait to get help. You can call the nearest Center for Advanced Wellness to set up an appointment. Then, check-in, arrive 15 minutes early, and then see a caring, experienced medical professional for help!
Answers to Your Questions

Sinus Infection FAQs

Have questions about the diagnosis or treatment of sinus infections? We have your answers.

Do I need insurance for sinus infection treatment?

Absolutely not. We serve patients with and without insurance. You can take advantage of our Membership Plans, as well.

Why didn't my provider prescribe antibiotics for my sinus infection?

Some sinus infections are caused by bacteria, and those types need antibiotics. However, many cases of sinusitis are caused by viruses or allergens. Taking antibiotics in these cases would expose you to the risk of side effects without the benefits of treatment. Furthermore, unnecessary antibiotics contribute to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance.

Can sinusitis be chronic?

Yes. If your symptoms of sinusitis last for more than 12 weeks, it is considered chronic.

How can I prevent sinus infections?

Typically, sinus infections develop from the common cold. So taking the basic steps to ward off the common cold is the best practice.

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