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UTI Treatment

A Quick Introduction

About UTIs

While it may not be polite to talk about, urine is a vital part of your body’s healthy functioning. When everything is working correctly, kidneys function as the filtration system in our bodies. They remove waste from the blood, keeping us healthy. The kidneys also remove excess water from the blood. This water becomes urine as it removes the excess weight, travels to the bladder, and leaves the body through the urethra. As with any system in the body, the urinary system can become infected and wreak havoc on the body.
Understanding Your Health

What is a UTI?

UTI stands for “urinary tract infection.” These bacterial infections can affect any part of the urinary tract, including the: urethra, ureters, bladder, kidneys. Healthy urine does not contain any bacteria. When bacteria enter the urinary system, they can travel throughout the tract and cause inflammation along the way. These infections are usually painful and cause disruptive symptoms, even in mild cases. Without treatment, UTIs can become serious and even life-threatening.
Identifying Common Indicators

Signs and Symptoms of UTIs

UTIs are relatively common infections that affect one in five women in their lifetimes. The infections are less common in men and children, but they can occur.

Pain When Urinating

Discomfort, pain, or a burning sensation during urination

Frequent Urge to Urinate, Even With Nothing to Pass

The frequent sensation or urge to urinate, even though nothing passes when you try

Blood in the Urine

Discoloration of the urine, typically a red, pink, or brown (cola) colored tint

Cloudy Urine

Urine is typically clear, while cloudy urine can present itself with a milky, foggy, or cloudy color

Urine With a Strong, Foul Smell

A sudden change in the odor of your urine, especially if it's a strong, foul smell

Pressure in Lower Pelvic Area

Feelings of pressure or discomfort below the abdomen

Pain the Flank, Lower Abdomen, or Genitals

Pain or discomfort in the lower abdomen, genital region, or the sides and back of your abdomen


The loss of control of urination, whether it be slight loss or complete inability to control

How We Can Help

Testing & Treatment for UTIs

There are a few standard practices in terms of both treatment and testing for UTIs that we use here at Center of Advanced Wellness.

Urine Testing


Antibiotic Regiments

Get Ready for Your Visit

What to Expect at Your Appointment

If you think you may have a UTI, don’t hesitate to make an appointment. Call your nearest Center for Advanced Wellness to schedule a time. Then, prepare for your appointment by, drinking plenty of water, confirming your appointment, checking in at least 15 minutes early. When we call your name, it’ll be time to get your testing and treatment.
Answers to Your Questions


Do I need insurance to get checked for a UTI?

Not at the Center for Advanced Wellness. We accept patients with and without insurance. If you have insurance, your cost will depend on your coverage. If you don’t have insurance or your deductible is simply too high, consider our membership plans. Options start at $50 per month for adults and bring your copays at our clinic to just $10.

Do over-the-counter medications for UTIs work?

Over-the-counter pills for UTIs may help mask the symptoms of a UTI. However, they do not treat the root cause: bacteria. It’s vital to stop the spread of the bacteria with antibiotics, which can be taken with over-the-counter solutions if you want.

What is the urinary tract?

Located in the lower abdomen, the urinary tract removes excess fluids and waste by filtering blood and creating urine. In concept, it's divided into two parts: the upper urinary tract is comprised of the kidneys and ureters, and the lower urinary tract is comprised of the bladder and the urethra.

Are UTIs considered STDs?

Despite what some may think, UTIs are not STDs. Though they can develop after sexual intercourse, the bacteria that causes UTIs cannot be caught because of sexual intercourse.

Get Your UTI Treatment at Center of Advanced Wellness

If you're in need of UTI testing or treatment in Texas, turn to the team at Center of Advanced Wellness. Our teams in San Antonio and Frisco will work hard to ensure you get the care you deserve.