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Women's Health

Dedicated Care

About Women’s Health

The Center for Advanced Wellness is proud to offer comprehensive healthcare for women’s unique needs. In general, the term “women’s health” means healthcare services specifically for the female anatomy, such as the breasts or uterus. While this field of medicine is called “women’s health,” we provide excellent care to all people with this anatomy, regardless of their gender identities.
What To Watch For

Signs & Symptoms of Women's Health

Detection and treatment are essential when it comes to women's health issues. If you’re not sure whether something in your body is dangerous or “normal,” it’s best to see a medical provider or nurse practitioner as soon as possible. If you have any of the following symptoms, consider booking a women’s health appointment:

Itching Or Burning In Or Around The Vagina

May be experiencing vaginal irritation caused by yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, and even some STDs.

Burning Or Pain During Urination

May be experiencing urinary tract infection (UTI), Urethritis, etc.

Foul-Smelling Vaginal Discharge

Abnormal vaginal odor can be caused by infection or inflammation.

Urination When Sneezing Or Coughing

Physical movement or activity puts pressure on your bladder, causing you to leak urine.

Pain Anywhere In The Pelvic Floor

Pain symptoms can include heavy aching, sharp or shooting pain, and burning pain in the vagina or vulva.

A New Lump In The Breast

A lump in the breast doesn't always mean cancer, other conditions include breast cyst, benign tumor, or fibrocystic breast disease.

Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy

Morning sickness, fatigue, breast changes, spotting, cramping, and missed periods are the most common signs of early pregnancy

Leakage From The Nipples With An Unknown Cause

This is known as nipple discharge and can be caused by a number of factors, such as breast infection.

Any Concerning Changes To The Breast, Vagina, Or Menstrual Cycle

The severity of changes to your vagina, breasts, or menstrual cycle can differ from woman to woman.

How We Can Help

Testing & Treatment

We offer many types of diagnostic and screening tests for women’s health, including:

Blood Pregnancy Tests

Urine Pregnancy Tests

Breast Checks

Pap Smears

Heart Disease Screening

Let Us Care For You

What to Expect at Your Appointment

We aim to make your experience as easy and comfortable as possible. At the Center for Advanced Wellness, it is our goal to ensure you are comfortable with your treatment plan. Start by finding a location near you and making an appointment through phone calls or messaging. Next, have an open and honest conversation with your healthcare provider, and receive the treatment you need.
Answering Your Questions

Women's Health FAQs

Get the answers you need to all your questions about Women's Health.

Do I need insurance for a women’s health check-up?

No insurance is required at our clinics, even for women’s health appointments.

How much does a women’s health appointment cost?

We offer memberships starting at just $50 per month for adults. Members pay just $10 for appointments at our clinics. Non-member pricing varies based on the tests and procedures that are done. Call your closest clinic for more information.

What health screenings are essential for women every year?

Mammograms, cholesterol screenings, and pap smears

Why is it important to discuss women's health?

In comparison to men, women face unique healthcare concerns and are more likely to be diagnosed with certain diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, which are the leading causes of death among women.

Assessing Your Women's Health Concerns

If you are experiencing symptoms or notice any abnormalities related to women’s health, contact us and our team will be there to assist you.