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About Work Release Forms

Injury and illness can keep you away from work, especially if your job requires manual labor. You may need to go on disability leave for a while to take the time you need to recover. But what happens when you’re feeling better and ready to return to the workforce? As much as you may be ready to hit the ground running again, returning to work after injury or illness isn’t so simple. Often, a company and the insurance policies it holds will require workers to get a work release form before they can start working again. This policy is in place to protect the employee from getting hurt and the employer from getting sued. A qualified healthcare provider examines a patient. If the exam shows that the patient is ready to go back to their job, the provider writes a detailed note for the employer.
What To Be Aware Of

When To Seek A Work Release Form

While you may be eager to get back to work, waiting until you’re truly ready is essential. Think about all the ways that you move your body throughout a typical workday. Are you on your feet all day or moving heavy equipment around? Below are some common symptoms of when to receive a work release form:

Back Pain

You've been experiencing chronic muscle aching to a shooting, burning, or stabbing sensation.

Leg Pain

Chronic pain down your leg that worsens when bending, twisting, lifting, standing, or walking.

Pain From Injury

You are experiencing pain after an injury.

Neck Pain

Chronic sharp shooting pains or a dull aches in your neck

Shoulder Pain

Chronic arm numbness or tingling

Joint Pain & Stiffness

Swelling and redness around joints. Decreased range of motion.

How We Can Help

Testing & Treatment

Putting their names on work release forms is a serious responsibility for healthcare providers. They do not want to be responsible for sending someone to work who will get hurt. Likewise, they don’t want to keep someone at home when they could be working. Because of this difficult balance, patients receive a thorough examination before the provider signs a work release form. The exact tests that a provider performs will depend on the reason that the patient was away from work and the responsibilities they have during work.

Specific Exercises

Hot or Cold Packs

Aerobic Exercises

Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Braces or Corsets For Extra Support

Let Us Care For You

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Before coming to your work release form appointment, be sure to know what details your company needs to see in the form. Some employers even have templates that employees must use for work release forms. When you’re ready to see a healthcare provider, contact your local Center for Advanced Wellness. Confirm your appointment time and try to arrive 15 minutes early. We recommend bringing a list of the kinds of things you do throughout the day at work. This can make your appointment go quicker and ensure you get the care you need.
Answering Your Questions

Work Release Form FAQs

Here to answer your questions regarding work release forms

Do I need insurance to get a work release form?

No, we do not require patients to have insurance for these appointments or any others. If you’re interested in lowering your healthcare costs, you can check out our membership plans. They are easier and typically less expensive than insurance.

What if the provider won’t sign the work release form?

If your provider refuses to sign a work release form, they have serious concerns about your health as it pertains to your job. Ask your provider what kinds of improvements they need to see before they will sign the work release form and what you can do to improve the situation.

How do I get a work release form from work?

Notify your employer if you feel sick or injured and need to take the day off due to health reasons. We will provide the work release form for you and then you pass the notice to the employer.

My employer does not offer me any modified or alternate work, but my doctor releases me to work with limitations. What happens to my benefits?

The Temporary Income Benefits will continue to be paid to you (if you qualify*) even if your employer does not have a job that meets your medical restrictions.

Get Your Work Release Form With Center Of Advanced Wellness Today

If you require a work release form because you are ill or injured and cannot go back to work, schedule an appointment with us and we will be glad to give you an examination and provide you with a work release form.