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Wound Care

Preventing Wounded Infections

About Wound Care

In medical terms, a wound is any injury to the skin or other bodily tissue. We all have wounds from time to time with varying levels of severity. Paper cuts, scrapes, and bruises are all common kinds of wounds. Some types of wounds require care from a medical professional, including moderate burns, deep or long cuts, some animal or insect bites and stings, and contusions. That’s when we can help.
When To Seek Help

Signs & Symptoms of Wound Care

Wounds can become serious infections rather quickly. If left untreated, those infections can cause life-threatening issues like sepsis. If you’re not sure whether your wound needs to be seen, err on the side of caution. Here are some signs that you should make an appointment as soon as possible:

Swollen Wound

The wound and surrounding area feel hot or inflamed

Animal Bite

A puncture or wound from an animal bite

Deep Gash

The gash is wide enough to where you cannot get the two sides to touch

Chronic Wound

A wound has not healed in a typical amount of time or keeps reopening

Human Bite

A bite from another person breaks the skin

Prolonged Bleeding

Bleeding continues past 15 minutes from the incident

Wide Cut

You think the wound may require stitches

Insect Sting/Bite

A sting or bite from a venomous insect

How We Can Help

Testing & Treatment

When you see one of our providers for wound care, they will assess the wound and determine the severity. Testing will be performed to determine if there is any damage under the skin, and depending on the patient's needs, immediate care will be given to start the healing process. A prescription may also be given for at-home care by the provider. If necessary, the provider can refer the patient to other specialists who can assist in the healing process.

Testing for Additional Damage

Immediate Healing Process

Instructions for At-Home Care


Specialists Referral

Preparing for Care

What to Expect at Your Appointment

If you have a wound that needs urgent care, please contact your nearest clinic right away. Once you make your appointment, please check-in online, or in person, 15 minutes ahead of your appointment time. When it’s time for your appointment, your provider will need to see the wound and examine it. Be prepared to tell the full story of what happened. Your provider will clean the wound and cover it in the proper dressing. You’ll get instructions on how to care for the wound at home, as well as referrals to specialists if needed. You may schedule a follow-up appointment before you leave.
Answering Your Questions

Wound Care FAQs

We can help clarify any uncertainty you have regarding our services of wound care

Do I need insurance for wound care?

At the Center for Advanced Wellness, we treat wound care patients with or without insurance. We also offer membership plans starting at just $30 per month. Members pay a low $10 copay for each appointment without insurance.

When do I need to see a provider for a wound that hasn’t healed?

Typically, open wounds should be significantly better in four weeks and completely healed in eight weeks. If you have a wound that hasn’t healed in this time, there could be underlying issues. For example, uncontrolled diabetes can make it difficult for wounds to heal.

What are the causes of chronic wounds?

Causes of chronic wounds vary from infection to improper medication to underlying illnesses.

Why is it important to have a professional examine my wound?

Sometimes it is difficult to self-assess the severity of your wound. It is best practice to have medical assistance as they can determine the proper treatment for your unique condition.

Providing You The Proper Care

If you are concerned about the severity of your wound, unsure of or experiencing any unusual changes from your wound, schedule an appointment today to consult with a team member for further treatment.