How Does Your Mental Health Affect Your Physical Health?

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Although your mental health and your physical health make up two integral components of your overall health, their relationship is often misunderstood. Despite what some believe, mental health is more than capable of having a direct impact on your physical health. So, when you’re analyzing how your mental health affects your physical health, take some time to better understand the following common correlations. When you’re ready for an appointment to check on your health, visit one of our Texas wellness centers.

In What Ways Can Mental Health Impact My Physical Well Being?

Your mental health and physical health feed off of one another, which means having one aspect of that combination be unhealthy means the whole of your health can suffer. Here are some common, and surprising ways, in which your mental health can affect your physical health:

  • Sleep Habits/Cycle: Over time, things like chronic stress or depression can have a severe impact on your sleep cycle, which in turn can lead to many physical health issues and the development of sleep disorders
  • Life Expectancy: Severe, chronic, and/or untreated mental health issues can have an impact on your overall life expectancy
  • Onset of Chronic Illnesses: Prolonged depression, or other mental health issues, can lead to severe chronic illnesses like heart disease, schizophrenia, diabetes, asthma, and more
  • Digestive Issues: Stress, depression, and anxiety have been linked to more than just simple stomach aches. These mental issues can even alter the physiology of your digestive tract

Beyond those examples, prolonged, untreated mental health issues can lead to even more serious health issues such as a weakened immune system, GI problems, high blood pressure, obesity, and more.

How Can Your Physical Health Affect Your Mental Health?

So, what about the inverse? Can your physical health have an impact on your mental health? Of course. Certain physical ailments and diseases can have a significant impact on your mental health. As we stated earlier, these two are directly linked, so when one suffers, the other follows suit. Here are some examples:

  • Diseases That Affect Your Appearance: Dermatological diseases like psoriasis can lead to anxiety and depression, given its impact on your physical appearance
  • Diseases With High Mortality or Long Treatment Paths: Those that have cancer or other serious diseases can develop anxiety, stress, and depression through the diagnosis and treatment processes

How You Can Improve Your Mental & Physical Health

Again, the benefit of these two being linked so tightly means it’s also easier to positively impact your mental and physical health. Basic healthy lifestyle choices can help you feel better mentally and physically. Some good ways to boost your mental and physical health are:

  • Maintain a good diet
  • Get enough sleep
  • Regularly exercise
  • Focus on the positives in life
  • Practice relaxation
  • Seek help when needed

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